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Public open spaces appear with the first urban area formation for more than 6000 years ago. During the history public open space had functioned a significant role in the development of society and cities. There are considerably rising  globally concerns on the essential value of public space reaching up to  the political height. This concern enhanced due to the growing evidence on the importance of public space quality to improve the economic, social lifestyle and environmental issues. The understanding of successful open spaces has greatly grown as the most liveable and well-used by public. Through all the studies and works of the social researchers and designers such as . . . et al. certainly stressed on the concealable importance of the place thrive usage to considered it as good public space.

Public open spaces appeared with the
formation of the first urban areas more
than 6000 years ago. Throughout history
public open spaces have played a
significant role in the development of
society and cities. There are presently
increasing concerns globally considerably
rising  globally, even among politicians,
regarding the essential value of public spaces.
These are enhanced
by the growing evidence
of the importance of public space quality
in improving the economy, the social quality
of life and 
environmental problems. Studies
and work 
by social researchers and designers;
including …et al., have
stressed the
significance of well designed public spaces
in providing a place to thrive.

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