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proof reading and editing…

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Academic Proofreader Ltd. is a UK based company offering
high quality, reliable and punctual proof reading and editing
to academics and university students who want their
language polished.


100% Confidential Service.

Proven track record.

Thousands of satisfied clients.

We specialise in working for speakers of Engish as a foreign
language. Typically our clients are non-native English speakers
studying for higher degrees that require 
them to submit their
work in English.

We have considerable experience working with Arabic
Asian students.

We offer a personal and confidential service as we
understand your work is important to you – that is
why we do not use automated systems.

What we can do for you

Proof reading for native speakers (Level 1)

If English is your mother tongue but you know you are verbose, and struggle to see your own errors, then our proof reading service is ideal for you.

Proof-editing for non-native speakers (Level 2)

If you fear your writing is not saying what you want it to clearly, then our proof-editing is for you. We correct your grammar and sentence structure so your tutor, supervisor,
or reviewer can easily understand your text. This reduces
your chance of being penalised for language use.

Additional editing services (Level 3)

Sometimes extra editing is required to perfect your work. We can offer word reduction, formatting options and consistency checks if needed as part of an extensive edit.

What we don't do

We do not offer writing services, paraphrasing, supervision, content checking or marking for ethical reasons. We want you to feel confident that the work you submit is as close to what you intended to write as possible.

Words proof read last year

Clients last year

Take the pressure off yourself – get your work proof read before
you submit it.

Reduce the chance of being penalised
for language errors.

Whatever your subject … wherever you are …

we can help you with your writing.

See how proof reading
makes a big difference
Ph.D., M.Sc., B.Sc, B.A.,
Journal Articles
All subject areas covered
We work with students
from across the globe

Start working with us today.

If you've got any questions, just ask.

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