All proofreading work is carried out in the strictest confidence.

All content remains inaccessible to third parties and will not be released to anyone apart from yourself. After work is returned it is not kept on computer or hard copy and will never be used by myself or anyone else. Non-disclosure agreements are welcome if the content of your document is of a highly sensitive nature.


1.  All costs are calculated directly upon receipt of work from      
     the client. No work will be undertaken until the cost has
     been accepted so failure to respond may slow down
     turnaround of the work.

 2. I will undertake to produce the best work possible for the      
     client. However, the ultimate responsibility for accepting or
     rejecting the work rests with the client, and I can take no           
     responsibility and accept no liability for damages or costs     
     caused by any errors left in the document.

 3. All changes should be checked by the client to ensure that
     their original meaning is retained.

 4. Infringement of copyright and plagiarism are serious
     offences and I do not take responsibility for any content
     submitted by a client. The final decision to submit work or
     publish material in the public or private domain is the
     responsibility of the client.

 5. Your privacy is of the utmost importance. All client
     information stays strictly with me and will not be passed on
     to third parties, either verbally or electronically. If you wish
     to add comments to my feedback page that it remains your
     decision as to whether to make your identity known.

 6. All work undertaken on your behalf will meet the criteria
     listed on the website. I do not guarantee that your work will
     pass or achieve a particular grade as the topical content,
     research and basic structure remains your own.

 7.  Caroline Davis retains copyright of all the content within
     this website. No part of this website may be reproduced,
     downloaded, copied or republished without the prior
     written consent.

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